Parish Wish List

The Sangre de Cristo Parish has many needs.  Below we are listing some that require financial support.  You can use our online giving tool to make a contribution to help support your parish.

  • Propane fund for winter heat — this continues to be a primary need for our parish!
  • Flowers for the Church
  • Paschal Candles
  • Rectory Repair & Maintenance — Includes installation of new energy-efficient windows, etc.  We took out a loan and purchased  the windows and had them installed.  As of March 2018, the load has been paid off.  The roof is the same “make and model” as the one being replaced on the Convento.  We will need to replace this roof in the near future.
  • Wood Furnace purchase and installation — to reduce our reliance on propane.  (We had one Wood Furnace donated to the Parish in fall of 2014.  It has been installed and has done a nice job at keeping the church warm.)
  • El Convento Roof Repair — there is one room that can no longer be rented because the roof leaks too much.  Once the roof is repaired, we will need to repair damage done in this room.  We have taken out a loan for $14,000 to do the repairs.  The Roof Repair is COMPLETE!!!!
  • Parish Hall Roof — Wind Damage has forced us to re-roof the Parish Hall.  The total cost of the repair will be about $18,500.  We received about $14,000 from insurance,  This project is completed.
  • Parish Hall Maintenance — The carpet and flooring need to be replaced.  Thanks be to God — A Knights of Columbus group has adopted this project and work was completed in the summer of 2016.