Parish Wish List

The Sangre de Cristo Parish has many needs.  Below we are listing some that require financial support.  You can use our online giving tool to make a contribution to help support your parish.

  • Propane fund for winter heat — this continues to be a primary need for our parish!
  • Flowers for the Church
  • Paschal Candles
  • Main Church and Rectory Repair/Maintenance — The roof is the same “make and model” as the one  replaced on the Convento in 2018.  We need to replace this roof now (2021) and the estimated cost is over $40,000.
  • Covid-19 created a budgetary crisis for our parish as most of our donations come from in-person mass attendance.  Our weekly offerings decreased to the point that we were unable to pay our priest for 2 months.  While offerings have picked up, we pray for a miracle to help us overcome the loss of the past year.