Sponsor a Seminarian

The Sangre de Cristo Parish is hosting 13 seminarians for a one year novitiate program.  The Novitiate Year is an intense year of prayer and discernment in which seminarians are removed from the distractions and hectic pace of full-time work or study so that they can focus on deepening their prayer life.

Five of these men are coming to us from Nigeria and eight are coming to us from Mexico.  They will live with Father Heriberto in the Rectory as they prepare for their studies for the Priesthood.  Help us provide for the needs of these young men who desire to serve the Lord.  Sponsorship can take many forms.  You can pray daily for all of our novitiates or choose to pray intensely for one.  You can write letters/notes of support.  You can use our online giving tool found on our Online Giving link or you can contact the Parish Office to set up a donation.  (And remember to pray for Father Heriberto too — this is a huge responsibility he has undertaken.)

Our novitiates are Kevin Chinonye Okafor, Miguel Enrique Alvarado, Hector del Rio Pina, Mbata Peter Igbang, Octavio Serrano Estrada, Orlando Fabricio Quiroz Bustos, Victor Mendez Cano, David Arroyo Alonso, Okpalaobi Justin Chimezie, Okwudiba Martin Okwukwe, Julian Kenechukwu, Mariano Pacheco Marin and Juan Miguel Tavares.


Update on Fiestas de Santiago y Santa Ana

On Saturday, July 25th there will be a dinner/dance at the Parish Hall. Richard Olivas, San Luis residents and Sacred Heart Society will be coordinating and hosting this event. Please contact Richard for more information or to volunteer. Tickets for the dinner/dance may be purchased at the Parish Office for $12.00 per person in advance and $15.00 per person at the door. Menu will include Pulled Pork /Carnitas, Baked Potato, Salad, Vegetable, Dessert. Coffee and Tea.

This year we will have food booths only on Sunday, July 26th at the Convent yard. The booth assignments are as follows:
Chama – Pop and Water
San Francisco – Turkey Legs
San Acacio & Garcia – Frito Pie
San Pedro – Posole or Medudo
San Isidro – Baked Goods
Fort Garland & Blanca – Hamburgers & Hot & Dogs
Additionally, there will be a Cotton Candy & Snow Cone booth
All these booths will need workers – contact your mission mayordomos to volunteer.

Please donate baked goods and money to purchase food and supplies for the booths.  Items needed to be borrowed: gas grills, filled propane tanks for grills & gas operated electric generators.

You may contact the parish office regarding what donations are needed.  Money may be taken to the parish office.

El Convento Roof Emergency

Our El Convento roof is in desperate need of repair/replacement.  Two of the rooms have suffered severe water damage. We need donations so we can get on top of tHis problem before the Convento suffers more damage. Go to our online giving page or contact the office to make your donation.